Top 6 Shepherd’s Pies in Singapore

An inexpensive yet filling dish that is much loved in Singapore is the shepherd’s pie. Originating from Scotland and North England, this baked meat pie is topped with creamy and buttery mashed potatoes that would truly fill you up with all the needed carbs and protein. Singaporeans and tourists’ alike flock to restaurants that offers great tasting shepherd’s pie since you get all the needed nutrients that would make you energized.

Also known as cottage pie, this dish was originally made by housewives as a way of “repurposing” leftover meat from their Sunday roasts into a whole new different dish that is filled with tasty meat and vegetables. Since shepherd’s pie was made with lamb meat, the name ‘shepherd’s pie’ stuck and was then known and loved all over the world. What made shepherd’s pie an adored dish is with how each ingredient explodes with flavor and how you can easily satisfy your hunger with a single serving.

Shepherds pies are also a very popular dish during Christmas, as its an appropriate dish for families to gather and enjoy.

In this article, we will look at the top 6 shepherd’s pie in Singapore, which has garnered their own number of regulars, for those days (or nights) that you need to have your quick fill while still enjoying a traditional and savory dish.

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